Club Rules

1. Members must conduct themselves in a proper manner at all times and refrain from conduct that might bring the club into disrepute.

2. On rambles members must take responsibility for their own safety and belongings, but should be respectful of the leader’s advice and avoid taking any action that would undermine or detract from the leader’s authority.

3. Members must take note of the following, which is printed on the Club’s programme:
“ALL SPORTING AND LEISURE ACTIVITIES have inherent hazards associated with them and rambling is no exception. In spite of the safety of members always being of paramount concern, accidents will occasionally occur. It is important, therefore, that when entering into the activity each member appreciates that he or she has a responsibility to identify the hazards associated with the activity and take all reasonable steps to eliminate or minimise the potential for an accident to arise.”

4. Members are recommended to wear stout boots or shoes. Sandals are usually considered unsuitable as most of our walks are over uneven rough ground which may be wet and muddy and could be slippery.

5. Members should be dressed for the conditions and should take waterproofs.

6. Members should carry sufficient food and drink.

7. The leader is in charge and his/her instructions must be respected.

8. Do not walk in front of the leader.

9. The group should try to keep together. Let the leader know if you are struggling so that the pace can be adjusted accordingly.

10. Along roads and crop fields, please walk in single file behind the leader.

11. As a Club we prefer members not to climb over farm gates, especially if there is a perfectly good stile. If it is necessary to climb a farm gate this should be one at a time at the hinge end.

12. You must not leave the group without advising the leader. You will then not be the responsibility of the Club.

13. Follow the Countryside Code at all times.

14. For rambles using buses please check the timetable and bring your bus pass.

15. In the event of accident you may be required to complete an accident report form.

16. Subscriptions shall be paid by not later than 31 March in each year. There is no reduction for anyone joining part way through a year.

17. For well-considered reasons dogs are not allowed on rambles.

18. The Club encourages car sharing. It would be appreciated, therefore, if drivers would go to the car park at the Wannock Road recreation ground and be willing to take passengers to the start of the walk. The suggested voluntary payment (“SVP”) towards petrol is always printed in the programme.

19. Passengers should not get in cars wearing dirty boots or shoes. It is recommended that you take a spare pair of shoes to change into or have a bag or similar to put over dirty boots and shoes.

Revised 11/2016