Leaders Page

Many thanks for agreeing to lead a walk.  We appreciate that it takes extra time and effort  but without leaders there would be no walks! If you are thinking of leading a walk but you are unsure, then please do not hesitate to contact Mick Kemp on 01323 486756.

if you wish to lead a walk:

  1. You will first need to complete a walk’s Entry Form. This is where you give the Walks Secretary the basic details of the walk. You can download the Entry Form using the link below.
  2. It is expected that not long before you lead a walk, you will have “reccied” it – i.e. checked that the walk is suitable  and safe.
  3. You will need to complete a Booking Form. You will be completing this as members contact you to go on the walk. Please take it with you to the walk and ensure it is a complete list of walkers. The Booking Form will need to be retained by you for 21 days.  The maximum number of walkers on each walk is decided by the walk leader.  Please indicate your wish to the Walks Secretary when you complete your Walk Entry Form.
  4. We do ask that before you lead a walk, you read the Generic Risk Assessment Form. This form is the same for all walks and you do not need to anything other than read it and consider its relevance to the walk you are leading.

Download Entry Form        May  2022 – Aug 2022      Word       Pdf

Download Booking Form    Pdf

View/Download Generic Risk Assessment Form   Pdf

Should there be an accident, please complete an  Accident Form.  

Useful tools for checking Rights of Way, the number of stiles, etc –

1 – Rights of Way Map
With the map displayed on your screen, enter a place name or road name and then use the left mouse button on the ‘slider’ to zoom in on the map – and RELEASE the mouse button. Now, again using the left button of your mouse, you can scroll the map in all directions and see all the stiles, gates and bridges on the route.

2 – Temporary Closures

3 – Report a Problem and other information.

4 – Alternative map using rowmaps.com.