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For Walk Leaders:-
Polegate-Rambling-Club-Entry-Form-for-Walks-Program-July-to-Oct-2019 PDF

– version for printing and completion by hand

Polegate Rambling Club Entry Form for Walks Program July to Oct 2019.doc

– version for completion ‘on-screen’ using your Wordprocessing program

Supporting notes for 2019 leaders form.doc

– to be read in conjunction with 2019 Leaders Form

Useful tools for checking Rights of Way, the number of stiles, etc –

1 – Rights of Way Map
With the map displayed on your screen, enter a place name or road name and then use the left mouse button on the ‘slider’ to zoom in on the map – and RELEASE the mouse button. Now, again using the left button of your mouse, you can scroll the map in all directions and see all the stiles, gates and bridges on the route.

2 – Temporary Closures

3 – Report a Problem and other information.

4 – Alternative map using rowmaps.com.

Dates for the next Walks Programme –

Full day walks dates July_Oct 2019

Half day walks dates July_Oct 2019

Leisure walks dates July_Oct 2019

For Walk Leaders – what to do when preparing a walk for the club:-

Instructions & Guidance for Leaders Feb 2019

Instructions & Guidance for Leaders Feb 2019 PDF

TEST MODE ONLY -On-line form