The Rambler’s Prayer

Hip hip hooray
Another op has wandered my way
This time it is the leg on the right
From aches and pains there is little respite.

Arthritis they say is the likely cause
At every stile I’m glad of the pause
Fingers crossed the surgery has been a success
And I‘ll be once again rambling without the stress.

My hip and thigh bones have a new ball and socket
Located partway between back and side pocket
The cartilage damage has been repaired
And for the subsequent physio I am prepared.

So out of the chair and attempting to stand
My first tentative steps have sticks to hand
Slowly I shuffle in a hospital gown
You pick ’em up Lord and I’ll put ’em down!

The focus is now on the rehabilitation
Six weeks is considered the average duration.
Four times daily an exercise drill
To build up the muscles up or down hill.

They say: keep on the move but don’t push it too far
The last thing needed is for something to jar
And before too long you will be back on track
With the wind in your hair and the sun on your back.
Roger Lee