The following documents and forms are available for you to download to your computer and print :-

They are all in PDF format – if you don’t have the Adobe reader, it’s available here)but make sure you deselect – un-tick – the offers of extra software!

Current Walks Programme – List Format

A4 List of Leisurely Walks
A4 List of Short Walks
A4 List of Long Walks

Current Walks Programme – Booklet Format

  • If you want to print it on both sides of the same sheet, print Side 1 and then make sure that the end of the sheet which came out first is the end which goes back into the printer first. Usually, you will need to put the sheet back into the printer with the printed side UP ( You may find it helpful to mark the sheet so you know which is sideA and sideB – then, depending which side was used for the first page, you’ll know which way up to load the sheet for printing the second page. And make sure it’s always the same end that goes in first)
Booklet – SIDE 1
Booklet – SIDE 2

Forthcoming Events and Booking Forms
50th AGM – 22 February 2019 at St John’s Church Hall, Polegate.
Langham Lunch – Wednesday 20 March 2019 at the Langham Hotel, Eastbourne.

– Deadline for booking and payment – 27th February 2019

Club Documents
Membership Application Form
Club Rules
Club Constitution
Expenses Form

Expenses Form
For Walk Leaders:-

Polegate Rambling Club Entry Form for Walks Program July to Oct 2019

Walk Details Form (May 2018)
walk form

Instructions to Leaders
– to be read in conjunction with Walk Details Form