Thoughts on a Walk

Out with the map research the route
Find another trail down which to scoot
Study the contours, note the grid reference
Pick out the path, a flat one for preference
Maybe woodland vistas or spectacular views
To enjoy the seasons’ ever-changing hues
Work out the distance measured in miles
Then calculate the number of stiles
Try not to make it a steeplechase
And decide upon a resting place
Ideally a café or local pub
Offering drinks and a spot of grub
Check the state of the first aid kit
Update the contents lickety split
A whistle and compass are valuable aids
If the weather deteriorates and the light fades
Have someone in mind as a backmarker
With keen eyesight should skies turn darker
Fix a date to recce the ramble
Avoid the need for a last minute scramble.
Should something happen down the track
Make sure the mobile is in your pack.

Roger Lee