Reasons to Ramble

What makes us rise at the crack of dawn?
To the chilly blast of a winter’s morn
And tread the path on new found routes
Kitted out in dubbined hiking boots.

How good it feels while others sleep
As frosts along the meadows creep
Clad in jacket, gloves and hat
Warming to the rural habitat.

What rouses us to wake in spring?
To catch the birds upon the wing
Walking by the trees in bud
On firmer ground devoid of mud.

How handy are the hiking poles
To bypass ankle-twisting rabbit holes
And skirting fields of gambolling lambs
Watched over by the ewes and rams.

What draws us out in summer sun?
Almost before the day’s begun
Stepping past the fields of wheat
The gentle breeze a welcome treat.

How peaceful striding hill and dale
Face now tanned no longer pale
Taking rest in a sheltered nook
In the coppice by the flowing brook.

What attracts us to the autumn mist?
With landscapes given a shrouded twist
As golden leaves fall to the ground
Gliding slowly down without a sound.

What finds us hiking through the seasons?
In truth there are so many reasons
Fitness, health, breathtaking views
A sure-fire way to beat the blues.

For some it’s getting out of the house
Specially those who may have no spouse
Not knowing what may lie ahead
Their spirits lifted with each tread.

So that’s why we stride on through the years
Taking the path wherever it veers
Invigorated by the country air
A time with friends their tales to share.

Roger Lee